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Stylish Lanyard Keychains ~ Various Styles Available! ~ Approx 21″ (one size, TMNT Teenage Mutant N

August 27, 2012

I always keep my keys on a lanyard looped around the strap to my shoulder bag so I can grab them quickly. But most lanyards have either a pain-in-the-neck round keychain on the end, or just a hook. This one has a hook for keys, but also can be separated above the hook, making it quick and easy to detach keys without tangling things up.I bought the “paint splatter” design and it looks great. When I need another lanyard, I’m coming back here for one of these. Great purchase!

Mens Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Double Piping & Zip Out Lining, Mens Vented Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Double Piping, Leather Racing Jacket with Double Piping – men’s black racing jacket in a medium weight, top grain leather with zip-out quilted lining for added comfort. The jacket also includes a stand-up racing collar, side slit zipper pockets, an inside chest pocket, and zipper cuffs. Double piping across chest, Front & Back Vents – For Jackets best fit, order by chest size. How to get the correct fit, Please use a cloth tape measure to measure the circumference of your chest. If the measurement is an even number add 2 to get the next even number. If the number you get is an odd number add 1 to get the next even number. The general rule for a jacket is order the next even number. If the measurement is 46 order 48. If the measurement you get is 47, order size 48. If you don’t have a cloth Tape measure, you can use a string and compare the length to a tape measure in inches. If you need further tips on measuring for a jacket, you can do a search for how to measure chest for a leather jacket and you will find some helpful hints.I really love this it just what i wanted. I gave it a bad review at first because i over looked an email that was sent to me saying it was on back order. so i take back the bad review i gave. I love my jacket.


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